17 March 2021


Useful tips for first time private jet clients

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Chartering a private jet for the first time: everything you need to know

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly changed our lives and habits, forcing us to redefine the way we travel and work. Within the last year, we have seen a significant shift in our private jet customer profile; while we still rely on regular clients who frequently use our private jet charter service, we now arrange many more flights for people who have never flown by a private plane before.

Those new private jet customers are looking to avoid unnecessary touchpoints on commercial routes and enjoy a flight in total safety and comfort, that comes with different advantages compared to commercial flights:

The benefits of travelling by private jet

  • The flight plan perfectly matches your requirements;
  • You can hire a private jet at short notice;
  • Private jets can land at smaller airports and bring you closer to your final destination;
  • The security checks and boarding procedures are simple and fast.

The growing interest in private jets is also evident by the increasing number of operators currently present on the market. With hundreds of private charter companies operating in Europe it can be difficult to find your way, especially if you are booking a private jet for the first time. This is why we put together some practical advice for new-entry private aviation customers:

How to charter a private jet and choose the most suitable airplane for your journey

Private jets available for charter are either managed directly by the private jet operator that owns the aircraft, or, indirectly through charter companies, such as Cielo Aviation.

Our duty is to help you find the best aircraft for your needs and with access to a global network of more than 3.500 aircraft around the world, we can offer you a wide range of options and organize your flight even a few hours before departure, while traditional operators can only rely on their own fleet.

Choosing the right private jet will depend on the number of passengers that need to travel, the route to be travelled, luggage requirements, your desired level of comfort and your budget.

Cielo Aviation will guide you in choosing the aircraft that best suits your needs from Very Light Jets seating 4/5 passengers to Midsize Jets for 7/9 passengers up to Heavy Jets and VIP Airliner accommodating 10 to 50 passengers.

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Why rely on a private aviation specialist

Trusting a professional charter broker let you benefit from high quality services 24/7 at maximum safety standards. Our team is composed of multilingual professionals with extensive experience in the aviation industry and coordinates the entire process of chartering a private jet.

Safety has always been the priority of CIELO Aviation, that only relies on certified and carefully selected private jet operators who meet the highest levels of safety and are in possession of the necessary licenses to operate in full compliance with ENAC directives or related CAA.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic this also includes the provision for on-board air exchange, sanitizing and cleaning of the aircraft both during stopovers and overnight stays, the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and temperature monitoring for crew and passengers.

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How Private Jet Pricing works

The price of a private jet flight depends on several factors, such as distance, flight hours, type of aircraft and number of passengers it can hold.

CIELO Aviation's pricing is simple and transparent: there are no membership fees or long-term commitments and you can request the charter service whenever you need to. We offer an all-inclusive formula based on the following elements:

  • Hourly rate depending on the type of aircraft that best suits your needs.
  • Costs for aircraft positioning at the point of departure;
  • Crew costs (pilots and flight attendants);
  • Costs of fuel and aircraft maintenance;
  • Airport taxes and landing fees.

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Quick and easy airport procedures

The advantages of flying private start at the airport: you arrive twenty minutes before your chartered flight departs, avoiding unnecessary waiting times and airport crowds.

The security checks and boarding procedures are quick and simple, carried out through private terminals, separate from the ones used for scheduled flights. Here, the crew of your chartered flight will be ready to welcome you and accompany you on-board.

As private jets can land at smaller airports and take you closer to your final destination, in most circumstances you will be able to charter a same-day-return jet departing early in the morning and returning the same day in the evening.

Finally, enjoy on-board catering service of your choice. Service varies according to the duration of the trip and usually includes a range of hot dishes for longer journeys or snacks and drinks for the shorter ones.

Our expert team is available 24/7 to provide you with advice and assistance.

Contact us on +44 (0) 203 52 98 016 or by e-mail at charter@cielo-aviation.com to start planning your next trip with us.

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