1 May 2020


Efficiency and Safety with our Air Ambulance Charter

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Because of sudden illnesses or injuries, or a deterioration of the health condition of the customer requiring an operation far from home, it may happen that CIELO Aviation organizes flights with planes turned into air ambulances, therefore equipped with all the medical instrumentation and medical and paramedical support staff, to return to your own referral hospital.

Characteristics of an Air Ambulance Flight

- Organization and coordination of all ground transport services by ambulance (to and from the hospital);

- Coordination of embarkation and disembarkation procedures;

- Choosing the type of aircraft depending on the medical state of the patient, from a simple aircraft with stretcher to sophisticated jets equipped as real intensive care wards, with resuscitation equipment and oxygen;

- Medical staff on board (doctor + nurse);

- Possibility of transporting one or more accompanying persons.

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An unfortunate holiday ended well thanks to the prompt service of CIELO Aviation


An elderly lady was preparing to spend her holidays in a luxury resort in Sharm el-Sheikh. Unfortunately, as soon as she arrived at the resort, she suffered a bad accident. Nothing serious, but it caused her a compound leg fracture.

After being rescued, her family members, with no little concern, noted that the local clinics, disorganized and not specialised for the delicate orthopaedic operation, were definitely not up to the situation.

After a bit of understandable disorientation about what to do, the family recognized the necessity to return immediately to Italy so as to receive the appropriate medical care.

The delays, the inconvenience and the lack of medical equipment of scheduled flights led the head of the family to turn to the services of CIELO Aviation dedicated to this type of transport.


Thanks to the 24/7 service of CIELO Aviation, they immediately rented a private ambulance aircraft available for transfer at their personal clinic, in Italy.

The entire air ambulance service was organized within the space of only 8 hours, after the examination of the lady’s medical record by the medical team of the Company, the acceptance of the flight, the aircraft positioning on Sharm el-Sheikh and, finally, a very important element: the organization of ground transport services by ambulance from the local clinic until the landing, and from the landing in Italy to the clinic of the injured lady’s family.


On the CIELO Aviation’s private jet, the lady, accompanied by her family, lay on a stretcher available aboard the ambulance flight and was promptly assisted by the medical team on board for the injury analyses and first aid.

When the patient and the people who accompanied her arrived at the airport, they were immediately received by an ambulance from the Italian clinic, already prepared for the rescue and informed of the case.


Everything ended for the best, with great satisfaction of the lady, her loved ones and, of course, the whole team of CIELO Aviation. This happy ending is the result of competence, organization and experience.

CIELO Aviation is glad to have helped the lady to receive the appropriate medical care in her clinic, in safety and tranquillity, and to spend the period of stay at home with her family, wishing her a prompt recovery.

Like her, CIELO Aviation helped so many people with a rescue and accompaniment service prepared with attention to the smallest detail.

If you are in trouble and you need to arrange an ambulance flight, do not hesitate to contact CIELO Aviation, who knows how to get you to your destination safely and comfortably.

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