Air Ambulance Service and Repatriation Charter Flights

If you need to arrange a fast repatriation for citizens stuck in an overseas country or an air ambulance flight, contact our flight advisors who are available 24/7 even at short notice. A private jet charter is mostly the only way to return home in situations where other means of transportation are limited or unavailable, such as the current Coronavirus pandemic, but also political unrest, commercial airline strikes, natural disasters and sudden illnesses or injuries can require a private jet repatriation, and sometimes even an ambulance fight.

In order to charter your private flight most efficiently, we require the following information:

  • Repatriation flights: passport, visa information (if applicable) and nationality of passenger
  • Medical flights: Patient's medical records, contact details of treating doctor or hospital and of those receiving the patient
  • Emergency cargo flights: Details of goods, size and freight weight.

Medical Charter Flights

The airplanes we use for medical flights

Air Ambulance Flights

  • Cielo aviation only works with accredited flight operators who meet the highest levels of safety and service. We source fleet ranging from super-light jet to ultra-long range aircraft, depending on distance and medical conditions.
  • Cielo Aviation recommends the Learjet 45 for medical flights of up to 3 hours and the Challenger 605/650 is best suitable for longer distance flights or for patients who require more cabin space and easy cabin access via a ramp.
  • All ambulance flights are being operated with an accredited medical aircraft and medical crew
  • As for scheduled flights, all boarding procedures for repatriation flight are carried out in full compliance with the current regulations and recommendations issued by the World Health Organization. The new safety standards, in particular since COVID-19, provide for on-board air exchange, sanitizing and cleaning of the aircraft both during stopovers and overnight stays, the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and temperature monitoring for crew and passengers.

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