2 February 2022


Cielo Aviation is committed to a long-term sustainability program

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As the first Italian Private Jet Charter company to include a carbon offset program on every flight operated, Cielo Aviation makes an industry-leading sustainability commitment, one that acknowledges the environmental impact of our flights and our wider business activities.

Making Private Jet travel more sustainable

We are partnering with 4AIR, the specialist industry ratings and service provider for the commitment to sustainability focusing entirely on private aviation. We are measuring our emissions based on aircraft type and hourly fuel burn for the respective journey, and then compensate the calculated emissions to 100%, to meet the 4Air Bronze (carbon neutral) rating. This 100% offset is not an optional extra for clients, but an action we take for every single flight.

We know that offsetting carbon emissions is not a long-term solution on its own and, working with 4AIR, we offer clients additional opportunities such as to upgrade to emissions neutral (offset to 300%) which offsets other aviation emissions, including water vapour, aerosols and nitrous oxide.

Discover our Offsetting Project portfolio:

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Project focus: The Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project

One of our carbon offsetting projects is The Mai Ndombe REDD+ in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The project is certified by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and designed to protect 300,000 hectares (740,000 acres) of critical bonobo and forest elephant habitat within the Congo Basin, the world’s second-largest intact rainforest.

This project is utilising carbon finance to combat the principal drivers of deforestation and biodiversity loss (industrial logging, unsustainable fuel wood extraction and slash-and-burn agriculture) and is developing a new pathway for community prosperity through comprehensive investments into the surrounding local communities, which are among the most impoverished in the world.

Such investments include building and renovating schools, providing healthcare services including needed vaccinations, supporting food security and nutrition, and providing capacity building activities that empower local communities.

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At Cielo Aviation, we ensure that you reach your destinations not only in a sustainable, but also in the fastest, safest and most comfortable way. We offer competitive pricing for Private Jet and Helicopter flights and partner only with accredited and certified operators.

We believe in personal service, tailoring everything to the needs of your requirements. We guarantee a single point of contact throughout your journey to ensure everything goes exactly according to your plan.

Contact us on +39 02 87 157 524 or by e-mail at charter@cielo-aviation.com to start planning your next private journey.

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4 AirCielo Aviation is Carbon Neutral

Cielo Aviation is the first Italian Private Jet company to offer Carbon Neutral Flights


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