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Cielo Aviation is the first Italian Private Jet company to include a carbon emissions offset program on every flight operated, wherever you fly to.

Data shows half of all aviation emissions were introduced in the last 20 years despite improving fuel efficiency. In 2018, one billion metric tons of carbon were released by aviation for the first time. As access to air travel continues to grow, it is clear that if we are to meet the increase in global demand, we must simultaneously pursue emissions reductions and the development of sustainable aviation technologies. 

That is why we include full carbon offsets as part of our comprehensive sustainability program. One that uses independently verified credits to support many of the world’s most innovative clean energy projects.

We are partnering with 4AIR, the first organization of its kind that has created a rating system for the commitment to sustainability focusing entirely on private aviation.  4AIR possesses an exceptional project portfolio built on results-driven sustainability initiatives in place across the globe.


What are carbon emissions?

Carbon (CO2) emissions refer to the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere created by burning fossil fuels, from coal to jet fuel in an aircraft. These gases trap heat which warms the earth, contributing to rising average temperatures with varying degrees of social, environmental, and economic impacts.

What is Carbon Offsetting?

A carbon offset is a verified reduction or avoidance of one metric ton of CO2 (mtCO2). Calculating an offset requires determining a flight’s total carbon footprint and neutralizing it using verified credits in an amount that neutralizes the amount of CO2 released. Each credit contributes to a portfolio of sustainability projects and initiatives aimed at reducing global greenhouse gases.

Cielo Aviation’s flights are 100% carbon offset.

Go beyond carbon neutral

With Cielo Aviation you fly carbon neutral, meaning all flights are 100% carbon dioxide (CO2) offset. If you are interested in lowering your impact and going even further, our programme with 4Air offers multiple levels of participation:

You may wish to upgrade to fly Emissions Neutral, which looks beyond carbon offsetting and offsets other aviation emissions, including water vapour, aerosols and nitrous oxide. Emissions Neutral requires a 300% offset of carbon emissions to cover these additional emissions.

You may even opt to reduce emissions through the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) or support the Aviation Climate Fund.

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Our Offsetting Project portfolio

Working with 4AIR, we have selected a portfolio of carefully-chosen project types in which Cielo Aviation is focusing its offsetting activity. These are examples of the all accredited projects and are based across the world - with activities ranging from forestry programs to cookstoves to renewable energy.

The Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project

Forestry Project 📍 Democratic Republic of Congo

The Mai Ndombe REDD+ project is utilizing carbon finance to address the basic development needs of 180,000 remote people with little to no access to social services, by protecting 300,000 hectares of critical bonobo and forest elephant habitat within the Congo Basin, the world’s second- largest intact rainforest which also contains one of the most important wetlands on the planet.

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Malawi Cookstove Project

Improved Cookstove Project 📍Malawi, Afrika

The project involves the distribution of fuel-efficient improved cookstoves (ICS) in Malawi via the distribution and installation of approximately 500,000 ICS. Not only will this halt the rapidly progressing deforestation in Malawi but will also reduce health hazards from indoor smoke pollution and women and children will have to spend less time collecting firewood.

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Alkumru Hydroelectric plant

Hydropower Project 📍 Turkey

The Alkumru Hydroelectric plant was constructed at the Eastern Anatolia district of Turkey over the Botan River, one of the major tributaries of the Tigris producing electricity utilizing the energy of the river. Improvements at the site increased renewable energy capacity up to 261 MW. Projects like these help countries move away from fossil fuel energy to clean renewable sources

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Usak Wind Farm Project

Renewable Energy 📍 Turkey

The Usak Wind Power Plant is converting the potential energy of the wind into electricity by means of 36 wind turbines with 1.5 MW capacity each. The aim is to produce renewable electricity by using wind as the power source and to contribute to Turkey’s growing electricity demand through a sustainable and low carbon technology.

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India Solar Energy Project

Grouped project for renewable power generation 📍India

This grouped project activity supports the development of renewable energy plants in India by delivering electricity to the grid. Each instance of project activity under this grouped project will consist of one or more renewable power generation plants to generate renewable power which otherwise would have been generated from fossil fuel-fired power plants, hence reducing the emission reductions

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How does Offsetting with Cielo Aviation work?

By funding projects like forestry and renewable energy that reduce emissions equivalent to the emissions from flying with Cielo Aviation. You can fly with confidence because projects are verified by leading authorities such as the Verified Carbon Standard (Verra), Climate Action Reserve, and Gold Standard. Offsets are independently reviewed and purchased in an amount equal to your carbon emissions footprint before being permanently retired in a public registry. This registry ensures CO2 offsets are not double-counted and tracks offset production, ownership, and retirement.

Can I choose which projects to fund via my carbon offset?

All your flights through Cielo Aviation are already offset by the company using a preset portfolio of carbon projects. If new projects are developed, we can work with 4AIR to try to substitute in certain offsets.

Does my flight data get shared with 4AIR?

All customer data is anonymized prior to sharing outside the organization, in accordance with Cielo Aviation’s privacy policy. Cielo Aviation does not share any personally identifiable information and only shares enough information for 4AIR to calculate and verify its flight activity.

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4 AirCielo Aviation is Carbon Neutral

Cielo Aviation is the first Italian Private Jet company to offer Carbon Neutral Flights


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