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Business Flights

Many entrepreneurs need to charter a private jet to reach destinations not covered by commercial aviation to optimise timing and avoid inconvenient airport layovers, overnight stays and long transfers. And if sudden or urgent commitments arise, it is possible to request 'Go-Now' flights, ready to leave in just 2 hours from the moment of the request to take-off.

Let our private jet advisors arrange your flight and you will benefit from:

  • Efficient organization of routes not covered by commercial flights
  • Quick response and immediate handling of urgent private jet charter and transfer requests
  • Same-day solving of important business matters
  • Swift boarding and disembarking procedures
  • Complete comfort and exclusive use of your private jet, allowing you to work productively during the flight
  • Luxury transport service with private cars ready to bring you to/from the airport to your final destination.

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About Us

  • Cielo Aviation is a highly experienced Private Jet Charter company, specialised in arranging charter flights and air taxis for companies, entrepreneurs and individuals.


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