13 May 2021


What is a “Go Now" Private Jet flight and how to book it

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Chartering a private jet means flexibility to book and fly at short notice, and in the past months we have seen more last-minute flights than ever before:

What is a "Go Now" flight?

When a client contacts us requesting a private jet to take off as soon as possible, we call that flight a ‘Go Now’. The changes of current travel trends and restrictions due to COVID-19 have brought greater demand for such super-last-minute flights for different reasons:

Travel and quarantine regulations continue to change rapidly, creating urgent demand to fly before new rules are introduced. Some are medical or urgent emigration flights. And with additional airline cancellations and delays, people are looking for an alternative way to get home. On the other hand, when countries are reopening for travellers again, such as Italy mid-May, some clients feel a burning need to “escape” and want to get there as soon as possible, either for urgent business matters or leisure and family purposes.

As Cielo Aviation has access to a global network of more than 3.500 aircraft around the world, we can offer you a wide range of options and organize your flight even a few hours before departure. And while the soonest feasible departure time depends on different factors, we will do everything we can to get you up to the sky as soon as possible.

How do I book and pay for a Go Now flight?

For urgent flight requests please give us a call at +39 02 87 157 524, we are we are available 24/7. You can also reach us via What’s App or email to charter@cielo-aviation.com specifying departure and arrival airport, travel times, number of passengers and contact details.

We accept credit and debit cards as well as bank transfers. A credit card hold is required to secure the aircraft for flights at very short notice. But you can then choose to pay by bank transfer after the hold is taken.

What documents do I need to bring?

All passengers need a valid passport or ID card. Additional entry documents might be required, depending on the legal regulations of the specific country. If you need to pass security checks, we will assure that they will be carried out with a special VIP treatment and will be limited to what is strictly necessary. Cielo Aviation’s flight consultants will specify all the documents required for your flight.

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How quickly can I take off once I booked my Private Jet?

    Departure slots and eventual permits usually depend on the route and airport but in most cases, flights can be arranged within a few hours.

    We have access to the latest aviation technology which means we can rapidly identify the closest available aircraft for your flight and get it ready for departure. There are circumstances when it can take longer, especially when permits are required. And due to COVID-19, flights on some itineraries do require more paperwork and pre-planning, depending on the entry requirements at the destination.


    In general, all departures are subject to approval by Air Traffic Control. While many flights can take-off almost immediately, there can be a hold for a take-off slot. Usually, at smaller airports, there are fewer slot restrictions and the runway is less busy, so take-off is faster.


Can I have catering on board a Go Now flight?

Catering can surely be arranged, and individual requests can be accommodated but might require extra time, which you may wish to avoid if you are in a hurry.

A selection of snacks and drinks is always available and, in most cases, the standard private jet catering will be provided – such as sandwiches, fresh fruit and pastries.

Let us take care of your travel arrangements

At Cielo Aviation, we ensure that you reach your destinations in the fastest, safest and most comfortable way. We offer competitive pricing and partner only with accredited and certified operators.

Our expert team is available 24/7 to provide you with advice, assistance and last-minute bookings at +39 02 87 157 524 or by e-mail at charter@cielo-aviation.com

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