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13 November 2020


Why private jets are an increasingly attractive alternative for business travel

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The recent quarantine has shown us that technology plays a key role in human relations: virtual meeting apps, digital signatures, the exchange of documents through Certified Electronic E-mail, all these factors have reduced the need to move around the world.

Nevertheless, the need for direct contact remains an essential element.

Signatures that must be written personally, visits to companies and production facilities, important meetings, fairs and events that cannot wait, tests of products and services, are all reasons why managers and businessmen still have to travel, moving quickly from one place to another. In fact, time is money and wasting valuable hours at the airport, stuck in security checks and gate queues, prevents you from working and leads to a waste of time and resources.

This is one of the reasons why in recent years the use of private jets has seen a significant increase in terms of business flights, as a real tool of work.

In 2018, private flights covered 8.5% of total air traffic in Italy, making this country the fourth in Europe for private jet traffic.

This growth led Milan Malpensa Airport to open a new airport consisting of a structure of 1,400 square meters to welcome passengers and crews, an apron of 50,000 square meters and a hangar measuring 5,000 square meters, which is definitely a remarkable result compared to the decreases of private flights registered by Milan Linate Airport a few years ago.


The advantages of business flights are countless: quick checks, no queues, no waiting times, comfortable aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi allowing you to make the flight hours productive, chance to return on the same day. CIELO Aviation offers a service including the organization of the trip from the front door, with a private transfer that takes you directly on the runway and in 15 minutes you are ready to take off.

Another advantage is the possibility to use secondary airports which are not operated by normal scheduled flights, so as to further speed up the times in case the main airports are far away from your destination.

CIELO Aviation offers a last minute service, and thus compensate for the current organizational difficulty that often leads to appointments with short notice or very close to each other.

Several companies decided to use external agencies able to arrange flights quickly and at competitive prices rather than keeping their own internal jets with all the related maintenance costs.

Speed, comfort and outstanding services, these are basically the key points for those who choose to fly private, since CIELO Aviation optimizes the most precious resource of modern businessmen: time.

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