8 September 2020


Private Jet flights from and to Milan Malpensa with Cielo Aviation

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Milan is known all over the world for being the first world capital of fashion and shopping. It is a destination for many businessmen, a business and culture centre, but it is also the perfect gateway to destinations such as Lake Como, the Alps with St. Moritz, Courchevel, Gstaad or Livigno.

Cielo Aviation and its private jet charter service can take its passengers to Milan or take them off from Malpensa at any time and with the maximum comfort that only the luxury of a private jet can offer.

The new Private Jet Terminal Milan Malpensa

The convenience of arriving or departing from Milan with Cielo Aviation’s private jet service, especially in a period like this, means comfort and efficiency. Milano recently opened the new General Aviation Terminal, Milano Prime, located between the T1 and the T2 of the airport, where only private jets and helicopters travellers can access.

The new VIP Terminal of Milan Malpensa International Airport (MXP) is open 24/7 and covers an area of 1,400 square meters in a dedicated area of the Malpensa Airport. It also has an apron of 50,000 square meters and a hangar of 5,000 square meters dedicated to executive jets of the latest generation.

Since the opening of the new Malpensa General Aviation Terminal, with dedicated infrastructures and services, passengers have the opportunity to board private jets or helicopters directly. The terminal is divided into exclusive spaces, characterised by precious finishes with five lounges to welcome passengers and crews. Directly from the lounge, passengers can access the control area and then they can easily reach their aircraft through dedicated security filters, minimizing contacts with surfaces and people.

Milan: what to do

Milan is a nerve centre of energy and creativity. It is the city where all the main fashion and design showrooms or major trade fairs take place, including the Salone Internazionale del Mobile or Milan Fashion Week. During a stay in this exciting city, you will always be spoilt for choice among the countless fashion houses to visit.

Milan, in fact, is becoming one of the most popular tourist destination and it has even overtaken cities like Florence and Venice in the number of annual visitors, ranking second after the capital of Italy. After all, the sudden changes best highlight some constants. In the case of Milan, we can say that innovation and creativity have always been part of the city’s history, with evident impacts into several fields: fashion, design, gastronomy and entertainment industry.

With its stunning architecture, futuristic skyline and plenty of bars and restaurants, Milan is not just an icon of style and elegance.

At your service

Discovering Milan with Cielo Aviation is easy and comfortable, you only need to inquire a private jet and rely on our team of flight experts, who will send you a quite in no time.

Then, using the private jet terminal of Milan Malpensa and the ground transportation service offered by Cielo Aviation, you will reach and enjoy the city safely and comfortable.

At Cielo Aviation, we believe in personal service, tailoring everything to the needs of your requirements. We guarantee a single point of contact throughout your journey to ensure everything goes exactly according to your plan.

Contact us on +39 02 87 157 524 or by e-mail at charter@cielo-aviation.com to start planning your next private journey.

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