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19 June 2020


Rediscover the luxury of freedom and beauty

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We are finally getting out of the difficult experience of the Coronavirus. And now more than ever we understand how luxury is different from money.

People like us, who leave a pandemic like the Covid-19 behind, know that luxury is going outside to get some fresh air.

These are days when we have the luxury of embracing again our loved ones and fully enjoying this early summer with them.

The sky gets higher and clearer; it puts a need of sun on our skin and a desire to reach the sea in our eyes. The sky is now a blue recalling another blue. It is a blue that we almost feel is inviting us to take flight…


Cielo Aviation exists to ensure a perfect flight: private jet charter and transfer by helicopter or limousine to or from the airport…

…but to which destination? Which place is at hand to offer us

– true rest,

– nature,

– culture,

– art,

– fun

…the blue we have given up all these months?

The blue we are looking for has to be more than a simple destination… a sea… more… a dimension, a light, a voice, a frequency of colors and sounds, blue as… the Mediterranean. And, overlooking it, a strip of land full of history, natural beauty, tradition and a unique glamour…. a Blue coast.


There are many possible destinations… and each of them has its own charm.

The Côte d’Azur seems to have been created specifically to satisfy every kind of sensitivity and need:

– Chartering our private jets you land in Nice, and you are immediately surrounded by an atmosphere where the French and the Italian tradition blend in an unmistakable mix of flavors and landscapes. Its promenade is not second to that of Cannes, neither is the architectural and artistic value of many of its buildings: like the magnificent hotel Negresco (the majestic candlestick that fills the atrium with light, thanks to its cascade of 16,309 crystals) and the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, the largest Orthodox Christian church in Europe, whose interiors are completely decorated with imposing golden mosaics in Byzantine style.

From here, using limousines or helicopters, you can dive:

- in the unbridled luxury and noble elegance of the city of Monaco, the splendor of the Monte Carlo Casino and the port, whose waters, unlike other bays along the rest of the coast, radiate a deep blue whose intensity derives from the verticality of uplands that dominate and guard it.

- in the particular mix of elegance and simplicity of Saint-Tropez, which is represented by a typical port of a small Mediterranean country, at whose docks the fishermen’s boats moor and off the coast there are the silhouettes of the yachts belonging to great personalities of entertainment and industry.

- in the atmosphere of Cannes: a city where modern elements combine with a classic and jealously refined background. Examples of these two personalities are the JW Marriot Hotel with its lines and its essential colors (the immense hall with champagne bar, the dizzy height of its ceilings) and the Carlton with its suites in belle époque style and its pier that allows guests to enjoy the romance of breathtaking sunsets without being disturbed. The palm-framed promenade and the constant presence of movie stars are the elements that add to the city a touch of Californian glamour, which makes it a unique place.


But if in this strip of blue paradise we dared to ask for some stronger shades of art, history, privacy, a less exposed splendor, but sometimes also international jet-set moments… then we could not fail to mention the country for which Picasso left Paris immediately after the end of the Second World War and never again left: Antibes.

And by mentioning Antibes we cannot but dwell on his du Cap-Eden-Roc Hotel, with its long list of regular VIP guests (of the past as Rita Hayworth and Marlene Dietrich, or contemporaries as Dustin Hoffman, Johnny Depp, Sharon Stone), its houses and 150 years of history.

The large park surrounding the majestic main body of the structure and its various outbuildings is only the first of many elements that allow guests to enjoy the peace and beauty of an uncontaminated landscape. The first block of the structure was built in 1863 as a retreat for writers and artists, then it became a hotel in 1870 and, in 1940, were added to it the final pavilion and its seawater pool overlooking the sea.

On the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival, the Eden-Roc enjoys the privilege of being the structure chosen every year by the actress Sharon Stone to host her amfAR (the Foundation for AIDS research) for fundraising against AIDS: an event that, in terms of superstars and personalities, has nothing to envy to a normal Hollywood red carpet.


Cielo Aviation has always existed for a single purpose: to combine freedom and safety, luxury and efficiency.

We are proud of our responsiveness, even in last-minute cases, and we exist to ensure, at all times and in any case, a 360-degree service which includes

- airport transfer

– private jet charter

- transfer by helicopter (or car) to your destination

- possible bookings in the hotels you choose

so that our customer can leave all his concerns behind at the exact moment he leaves the house to embark on his journey.

Our passion and long experience in the field have always encouraged us to keep constantly updated on the most exclusive routes and locations. This also allows us to help our customers choose the destination that best suits their specific needs:

- relaxation

- family

- fun

- holiday/work

- privacy

- romance

We want Cielo to be for you literally a way to fly away from every worry, so as to return to see life with new and fresh eyes, full of enthusiasm.

To enjoy our services, simply ask for a quote:

1. By sending an e-mail to charter@cielo-aviation.com with your departure and arrival airports, dates, times if known, number of passengers and their contact details. We will respond quickly with a quote that includes several proposals.

2. The confirmation of the private aircraft you choose must always be sent by e-mail. Later, CIELO Aviation will send you the contract addressed as requested by the Customer, which is to be returned signed for final confirmation, together with the proforma invoice for prepayment.

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