3 June 2020


Private Jet Charter to the most beautiful Italian cities

Private Jet Charter, Bella Italia

Italy is really the country with thousands of beauties. Cielo Aviation would like to fly you over some of the beautiful cities of the so-called “Bel Paese” (the beautiful country), a country with the largest number of unique cities.

They are cities made of history, culture, Great Art, excellent food and wine and all the beautiful things you can imagine. It is hard to say which is the most beautiful or charming one. However, it is clear that, in every Italian city, you travel through time and space with eyes full of wonder. Cielo Aviation suggests you some to visit at least once in your life or to revisit as soon as possible.


The most original Italian city is certainly Venice. Among their typical streets and canals there is a unique atmosphere, suspended in time and space.

Visit St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco), its Basilica, the Doge’s Palace (Palazzo dei Dogi) and the Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri). But don’t forget to get lost in the typical streets far from the common tourist routes and travel through time, among the reflections of the water.

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The Capital of Italy, Rome, encloses distant ages. It is the tangible evidence of the course of time with its layers and grafts.

The Colosseum is the symbol of the city. But do not miss a walk to the Imperial Fora (Fori Imperiali) and the Capitolium (Campidoglio). Throughout the centre Roman columns are incorporated into medieval buildings and the Baroque style coexists with an ancient and great story.

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Many people consider Milan a grey city without beauty. In reality, the capital of Lombardy is full of great charm. Designers and entrepreneurs love it; in recent years, it has lost that shabby aspect and has acquired light and colour.

Don’t miss a visit to the Duomo and the Romanesque Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio. Walk in the Sempione Park and in the renewed Isola district (Zone 9 of Milan: the northern area of the city), among majestic skyscrapers. Walk through the streets of the Quadrilatero della Moda (a high-class shopping district in the centre of Milan) and – in the evening – have a drink in the clubs around the new Darsena and the Navigli.

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Located along the banks of the Arno, Florence is one of the most popular Italian cities. Its old town is the emblem of the Renaissance, which has left an indelible and incredibly romantic mark. The city can be easily visited on foot or by bike.

Discover the Florence Cathedral (Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore), the magnificent Piazza della Signoria with the adjacent Palazzo Vecchio. Reach the romantic Ponte Vecchio and then Pitti Palace and the nearby Boboli Gardens.

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Fly to Naples by Private Jet: Naples is the city of contrasts. It is special because all people who live there are unique and have shaped it over the centuries. Facing the sea, this city draws from this one the lifeblood and its peculiarity of port that looks far. Walk along the seafront and photograph the Egg Castle (Castello dell’Ovo). Not far away is Piazza del Plebiscito, the Royal Palace, the Theatre of Saint Charles (Teatro San Carlo) and the New Castle (Castel Nuovo), which are signs of a glorious past as Capital of a kingdom that no longer exists.

And don’t forget to stop by a traditional pizzerias where you can eat the best pizza in the world.


By Private Jet Charter to Verona: the most romantic city par excellence thanks to William Shakespeare, who imagined here a poignant love story between two noble families of Verona, that is the story of Romeo and Juliet.

You cannot miss the famous balcony, but also the Arena (a sign of ancient history) and the famous Castelvecchio Bridge. Is for this reason that UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site for its urban architecture? Or for its pure magic?

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Mantua is a pearl immersed in the green, among the placid waters of the Mincio. It is another wonderful example of the Italian Renaissance, thanks to the Gonzaga family. Today you can visit many buildings of that period. Therefore, enter the Ducal Palace (Palazzo Ducale) and the Te Palace (Palazzo Te), which are two of the most beautiful palaces in Italy.

Take the boat and sail on the placid waters of the artificial lakes that surround it, until the White Canal, in the land of Virgil.

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Discover Bergamo by Private Jet: Two cities in one. The lower town is the modern one, which was built essentially in the 1900s.

The upper one, however, is a real medieval jewel. You can reach it with a funicular. Here you will find the Duomo, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Palazzo della Ragione and the Parco della Rocca, from which you can admire a suggestive view of the city from the top, as well as the Viale delle Mura Venete.


Parma is the real gem – not only for food and wine – of Emilia. Of course, in its restaurants you can enjoy the excellent ham, parmesan and the delicious “tortelli”. But you can also visit the Glauco Lombardi Museum in Piazza Duomo, without forgetting the Teatro dell’Opera Regio.

Many beauties enclosed in a small and human-sized town that must be lived by bike. Get lost in its pretty and romantic alleys.

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By Private Jet to Ravenna: the city of mosaics. Last capital of the Western Roman Empire, it preserves signs and beauties of an ancient history.

Visit the mausoleum of Galla Placida, the Basilica of San Vitale, the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo or the Crypt of San Francesco, where you can admire beautiful mosaics. In addition, you can visit the tomb of the father of the Italian language: Dante.


Private Jet Charter to Perugia:

Located on a rock, the old town is an incredible combination between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. You can reach the centre with the futuristic Minimetrò from the station. Then, for the rest, it seems to go back in time.

Visit Piazza IV Novembre, with its Fontana Maggiore, an extraordinary work of Giovanni and Nicola Pisano. Then do not miss Palazzo dei Priori, the Teatro Morlacchi, the Medieval Aqueduct. In front of the Hotel Brufani enjoy a picturesque view of the Umbrian countryside and enter the undergrounds of the city, which are perfectly preserved. And enjoy delicious dishes flavoured with truffles.


Palermo is an incredible city, the result of the meeting of different civilizations, in the middle – almost – of the Mediterranean. Everyone who has passed through this city has left its mark. Today what remains most evident is the presence of Arabs and Normans over the centuries.

Visit the Politeama Theatre, the Cathedral, the Norman Palace. And why not? The nearby Mondello Beach for a swim.

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Private Jet flights to Trieste: truly a unique city. Its development was characterized by the meeting between the Mediterranean world and Central Europe, in the point of contact between Italians, Slavs and Germans. Trieste is the only true port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire that still has that imperial beauty, even if it is a frontier town.

Visit the Cathedral of San Giusto Martire and its nearby Castle. Do not forget to appreciate with all its beauty Piazza Unità d’Italia, which opens towards the sea, and the Grand Canal. Nearby you can also visit the Miramare Castle and the Giant cave.


Once considered “the ideal city”, Urbino owes many of its beauties to the ambitions of the Duke Federico de Montefeltro, a lover of art and architecture.

Visit the famous and magnificent Doge’s palace. Today it is home to the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, where the works of Della Francesca and Raffaello are exhibited. Don’t miss the Cathedral of Urbino, the Church of San Bernardino and the Oratory of San Giovanni.

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Private Jet Charter to Matera: known worldwide as the “City of Stones”, it is truly unique. Named European Capital of Culture 2019, it is the place to have a long journey through time, from prehistory to today.

Lose yourself in its alleys, visit its houses built in caves and admire its underground water cisterns.

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