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From the world's tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa, to ancient Arabian buildings a stone's throw from the sea - Dubai never ceases to amaze!

This city with oriental flavors combines the traditions of the past with the most modern technologies on the planet, resulting in a fascinating and unique mix. Enjoy some relaxation at its luxurious resorts on sandy beaches, or savor the stellar cuisine of its restaurants more than a hundred stories above the ground - there is something for everyone’s taste!

Dubai is a real gem in the Arabian Peninsula, and getting there by private flight is functional and convenient, thanks to its location and its modern, state-of-the-art infrastructure.

If you're thinking of popping into this futuristic and fascinating city, rest assured: Dubai will know how to welcome you in the most charming and refined way...

Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport is the city's largest airport and its real life-calling card. This modern, futuristic airport can host private flights of all kinds, from small charter planes to the largest private jets.

Dubai Airport hosts a multitude of luxury boutiques and stores, home to the most prestigious brands such as Gucci, Chanel, and Ferragamo - the best for a great shopping experience right from the very first step onto Emirati soil!

Relax at the renowned Al Majlis VIP Terminal - the most prestigious in all of Dubai International Airport - where you have access to customized catering menus and the latest BMW 7-series models for gate transportation!

Finally, only 10 km from the center, this airport stands out for its excellent location, from which it is easy and convenient to reach every part of the city.

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Dubai, a desert oasis full of skyscrapers and entertainment...

Where the sea meets the iconic Rub Al Khali desert - home to the legendary city of Iram of the Pillars, according to the scriptures - Dubai's skyscrapers rise around a genuine oasis of life and entertainment.

Deep Dive Dubai - the world's deepest swimming pool - hosts an entire reconstruction of an underwater city, for true diving enthusiasts as well as those who want to experience something rare and unusual!

And the records certainly do not end there: in fact, Dubai is also home to the world's highest observation wheel the Ain Dubai, for panoramic views 250 meters above the ground.

And if that sounds like a lot, consider that this unique place in the world even hosts an entirely covered ski slope with real snow, Ski Dubai, which is open year-round!

Discover Dubai

luxury accommodation in Dubai

Among the hundreds of true oases of luxury available in Dubai, you really are spoiled for choice on where to stay! Certainly, one cannot fail to mention the Atlantis, the iconic mega hotel in the heart of the Palm Jumeirah Islands, depicted on every postcard and photo of the city!

This unique and fascinating place is home to a mega pool, the giant Royal Pool, and the largest aquarium in the entire Middle East, the Lost Chambers Aquarium, home to more than 65,000 marine animals. Suitable for everyone - including families - this hotel features as many as 29 different restaurants, serving food from the most diverse cuisines on the planet!

If you are seeking ultra-luxury, book a stay at the new Atlantis The Royal for an experience that will completely redefine your perspective of luxury. Crafted by the world’s leading designers, architects and artists, this is a destination where everything has been designed to challenge the boundaries of imagination.


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