20 September 2021


The fifth season of “Money Heist” takes off in Italy with Cielo Aviation

Private Jet, Netflix

Cielo Aviation has partnered with Netflix for the launch of the fifth season of Money Heist in Italy

A special Netflix Premiere Flight to block 'Money Heist' spoilers

We are proud to have collaborated with Netflix and Genoa Airport in organizing the Italian premiere of the fifth season of "La Casa di Carta" (Money Heist).

Netflix Italy wanted to ensure that fans could enjoy the newly-released episodes without spoilers from eager fans who will binge the episodes and post on social media.

To achieve this, Netflix chartered a plane to ‘kidnap’ Italy's worst spoilers during the first hours of the new season's release. A group of enthusiastic Money Heist fans and potential spoiler makers were invited onboard to this special In-Flight premiere, a place where phones must remain off.

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The Branded Plane

Cielo Aviation arranged the charter of a Boeing 737 from Air Horizont and completely customized the plane internally and externally.

The aircraft had the “La Casa di Carta” livery for just 48 hours, one of the shortest liveries ever seen.

The special markings were accomplished in a hangar at Milan Malpensa, the aircraft was then moved to Genoa airport where the it took off on September 3rd with its Netflix passengers. The check-in area was also decorated.

The Flight


    This special in-flight premiere took place on September 3rd, when the new episodes were released on Netflix. The 100 passengers on board watched the series via iPads that were provided on-board and could not connect to the internet to reveal spoilers, also on board Darko Perić, the actor who plays Helsinki.


    The aircraft took off from Genoa Airport (GOA) in the morning and flew for 4 hours and 46 minutes, the duration of the episodes, over the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Sea, and landed then back at Genoa.








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