5 April 2020


Flying private with Cielo Aviation in times of covid-19

Private Jet flights, Travelling during Covid19

Why the risk of catching covid19 is lower on Private Jets

Chartering a CIELO AVIATION’s private jet can reduce the risk of exposing you and your family to Coronavirus, limiting interaction with other travellers on commercial flights or avoiding using crowded airports.

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This article aims to answer any possible questions related to the Covid-19 emergency.

The difference between private jet operators and commercial flights

Scheduled airlines are implementing continuous changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). However, for obvious reasons, large and small airlines have been forced to cancel thousands of flights and will soon cancel many more because of the current restrictions.

On the other hand, private jet charter companies such as CIELO Aviation are more likely to operate in countries limiting entry, for the obvious reason of being able to arrange each flight on request, following the restrictions applied by every international law.

The requests for private jet charter from the regions affected by Coronavirus (Covid-19) have seen a significant increase in the last month, precisely because of the greater security and the possibility of using a personalized and agile organizational system. This is why many people have chosen and continue to choose private jet charter, besides the fact that the drop, if not the cancellation, of scheduled flights is constantly increasing.

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How can private travellers protect themselves and others from the spread of coronavirus

Unfortunately, in these months, we are living a tragic situation, where the world is facing the plague of a pandemic.

In the travel industry, restrictions due to the Coronavirus are constantly changing and estimates of people testing positive are inaccurate and uneven. All this generates a situation of global anxiety and uncertainty. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), most people who have already booked holidays or flights, do not have to cancel or change their plans, but they will have to take into account that the spread of COVID-19 does not follow precise rules and, despite all efforts, it will take a long time to get to a normal life. At this moment and for an undefined period of time, turning to the private jet market is safer.

Chartering a Private Jet is the safest option

  • Airport crowding is completely avoided thanks to the personalized transfer services (by land and sea);
  • The traveller will avoid close contact with others;
  • Each aircraft passes through a daily and constant sanitation process;
  • Every crew member must be in good health and must pass thorough health checks;
  • CIELO Aviation can quickly change the rules of conduct precisely for the agility and competence of the organizational system of private jet charter.

Cielo Aviation and Coronavirus

In summary, it is clear that the advantages of using a private jet in these circumstances to return safely to Italy, on any route available, are worth the cost, which is also competitive on the world market.

Let’s forget the queues and the unavoidable gatherings at airports to board a normal scheduled flight. As for private jets, the seats are limited (we usually refer to a few units, from 4 to 10 people) and all boarding procedures are carried out in full compliance with the current regulations and recommendations issued by the World Health Organization.

This includes, of course, the measurement of temperature to crew and passengers, as well as all the complex paperwork to organize departures and arrivals at such difficult times, even in high-risk places where the rules change every moment.

Another aspect to consider, which ensures maximum safety, is the sanitation of aircraft after each flight. In this way, even if there was an asymptomatic passenger on board, the aircraft would still be sterilized, making the next flight 100% safe. A very high standard that you cannot find on a normal airliner.

In the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, private flights are no longer seen as comforts or ostentations of luxury but, on the contrary, they play an extremely important social role, allowing many people to rejoin their families in complete safety.

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