30 June 2023


Flying with pets on a Private Jet: the complete guide with some tips

Flying with pets on private jets is currently growing in popularity as it is one of the safest, fastest and most comfortable ways to take your furry family member to any destination. Most private jet operators allow pets on board while ensuring that the required procedures are followed. Cielo Aviation has experience in flying different breeds of dogs and cats along with other animals such as birds or hamsters.

In this article we outline the most important things to know for a flawless flight with your pet:

Flying with your pets for holidays abroad

Private jet charter is the best option

Each pet owner dreams about bringing his hairy friend onboard while flying on vacation, since they are part of the family. The good thing about flying private with your pets is reaching your destination faster and with comfort, without making them go through the trauma of commercial flights. You wouldn’t want your animal to travel in the cargo while you are enjoying your flight.

Hiring a Private Jet with Cielo Aviation will not only resolve logistical issues, your pet will also have an enjoyable flight in the aircaft cabin next to you.

How to make your pet's journey safe and enjoyable

Transporting pets on commercial aircraft requires them to be stored in a cage with the cargo. Being treated like luggage is a traumatic experience for any animal to go through, as the cramped conditions and extreme temperature changes are not only brutal, but also dangerous. Tragically, every year there are numerous cases of pets being injured and even killed during commercial flights. Don’t take the risk and ensure your pet, - be it a chihuahua, Labrador, cat or bird, - a comfortable, relaxing and safe environment by chartering an aircraft with Cielo Aviaton:

A Private Flight will make your pet travel stress-free

1. Give our pet the opportunity to enjoy the flight next to you, inside the aricraft cabin.

2. Cielo Aviation ensures full support in carrying out all the necessary procedures to board animals.

3. Boarding procedures are very simple: For flights between EU member countries, a valid pet passport is sufficient; For flights between non-EU countries you will need to provide your Animal Health Certificate (AHC) and your pet is required to have a microchip, a vaccination against rabies and dogs are required to have a tapeworm treatment.

4. You will be able to consult with your flight advisor at every step, especially at an early stage, to understand which is the most suitable jet, according to your needs and those of your animal/s.

Discover all the required documents for flying with pets:

Pet travel

Tips for flying with pets when chartering a Private Jet


Know the legal requirements of each country

It is important to know about the legal requirements of a country before travelling with your pet. For example: For flights between EU member countries, a valid EU pet passport is sufficient. For flights between most non-EU countries, you will need to provide an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) and in most cases your pet is required to have a microchip, a vaccination against rabies and dogs are required to have a tapeworm treatment.

Ensure that your pet is in good health

It is essential to take your pet to your veterinarian before departure for a general check-up and to ensure it is in good health, if needed you will obtain a valid health certificate, showing that all vaccinations are up-to-date. It is also a good occasion to ask for some advice regarding the use of any medication or the amount of food to give your pet while travelling.

Limit water and food intake

Water is essential for any pet before departure, but not in excess. Provide a rational amount of water in order to limit the animal’s use of the bathroom during the flight. Limiting food intake is also essential to prevent upset stomach or vomiting while on board.

Taking your dog/cat for a little walk before departure can help to calm his nerves and also go to the bathroom before the flight.


Bring your pets favourite toys

To make your pet’s journey more pleasant, bring along toys or blankets they are used to in their daily lives to help them calm down if they are experiencing anxiety.

Bring a solution for in-flight relief

It is essential for the pet to get enough water while onboard. If the pet has received a limited amount of food or water pre-departure, it might not go to the bathroom for the entire trip. However, it is always good to have a solution in case the need for the bathroom arises. Based on the pet, owners usually bring along training pads or a litter box to provide clean in-flight relief.

Arrange a Private Jet Flight with Cielo Aviation

Our team has experience in flying a variety of pets on both long and short-haul flights all over the world. Our flight advisors are available 24/7 to source the most suitable private jet for you and your pet, at the best price on the global market.

Contact us on +39 02 87 157 524, by e-mail to charter@cielo-aviation.com or simply use our online booking form, we will get back to you as soon as we can:

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