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27 May 2020


Flying on a Cielo Aviation’s private jet

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Chartering a private jet is usually considered a prerogative of a few rich people with unlimited purchasing power. It is true that, among our loyal customers, there is a target including this type of users, but our intention is to debunk this myth.

Actually, the trip on a private jet chartered from Cielo Aviation is a powerful tool which is used by a much wider audience, especially when considering the various options required by the customer.

But what does it mean to charter a jet?

Chartering a private jet means chartering an aircraft by a third party, with the purpose of travelling from A to B.

This user guide aims to shed light on all aspects to consider when chartering a Cielo Aviation’s aircraft.

In this blog we will illustrate every single aspect of the entire service to give an overall picture of our activity.

In this first article we will discuss the costs where Cielo Aviation is the industry leader.


The cost of a flight with a Cielo Aviation’s private jet depends entirely on the customers’ needs and service requirements. As a general rule, the cost of most “jet” aircraft starts at about € 3.500 per flight hour.

For slightly less luxurious trips from A to B, you can also rent small planes for a minimum of € 2.500 per flight hour.

As you can see, the cost is not an insurmountable limit and the rental for various needs is suitable for every traveller, who does not have to be frightened by false myths and wrong information.

Cielo Aviation and its 24/7 service are available for any type of request.

First of all, the charter quote you receive usually includes the following cost components:

- Aircraft positioning at the departure poin

- All direct fuel and maintenance costs

- Crew costs (pilots and flight attendants), including hotel accommodation, if needed

- Catering (the type of catering depends on the aircraft size and flight duration, as well as on the customers’ needs)

- Landing, handling and parking fees for the aircraft

Costs not included in a charter quotation are as follows:

- Additional ground transportation costs (taxis, limousines, etc.), which are excluded if not necessary

- Special catering requirements outside a typical catering budget

- Defrosting costs (usually only needed in winter)

What is an empty-leg flight?

An empty leg is a repositioning flight of a private aircraft, required to move the aircraft to its point of departure.


If you book a private jet from Berlin, but the aircraft is currently in Rome, an empty leg flight is created from Rome to Berlin.

The myth that empty leg flights can be booked for less than the cost of an airline ticket is often reported in the media, but it is precisely that: a myth.

Actually, empty leg flights are considerably cheaper than conventional charter flights, but the discount is about 50% off the normal charter rate.

The right to sell the empty leg belongs to the aircraft operator – unless Cielo Aviation, chartering the aircraft, explicitly requests the inclusion of the empty leg in the charter contract. This depends on the requests and the agreement at the time of the booking.

Empty legs require a lot of flexibility, as they are always subject to another flight execution. If the flight that created the empty leg is cancelled for any reason, the empty leg will no longer be available at the discounted rate.

For this reason, although it is always worth monitoring the empty legs available, we strongly recommend a traditional charter flight for people with important needs (business meetings, weddings, funerals, etc.). Others are normal rentals at a very reasonable price.

Hoping to have debunked one of the false myths about chartering a private jet, we refer you to the next blogs, which aim to illustrate, with complete transparency, the total range of possibilities even for “normal” travellers.

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