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2 Luglio 2020



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The dream of a perfect holiday together with our children

After working hard for a year, we have few but important wishes:

-That our holiday starts as soon as possible

-That our holiday is safe from the beginning to the end

-Relaxing for us

-And fun for our children

The difficulty of leaving and returning with our children without a private jet

Unfortunately, people using scheduled flights often start their real holiday only once they arrive at the destination and end it as soon as they have finished their stay in the hotel.

-the obligation of arriving two hours in advance at the airport

-the queues and waiting times at the check-in, at the baggage check and at the gate

-the prohibition of taking prams and strollers in the path, sometimes very long, that divides the check-in from the gate

-waiting times at the gate

-the impatience and intolerance of the children, sometimes understandable

-the bureaucratic difficulties you have to face to carry certain objects or instruments…

These are only some of the obstacles we have to face using scheduled flight… obstacles that we can avoid by chartering a private jet.

The magic of a holiday starting from your front door

Private Jets and transfer services of CIELO Aviation – from your house to the airport and from the airport to your hotel and vice versa – are perfect to fly with your children.

1. SAFETY: the first reason on the list is certainly safety, considering that we have just passed through the emergency of the COVID-19 (yet not definitively overcome). Nothing better than a flight where parents are not forced to monitor every single move and gesture of their children. Our aircraft are all sterilized, according to the current regulations, but they also offer the advantage of a safe trip avoiding close contact with strangers.

2. PRIVACY/COMFORT: From the moment they step outside their house to the moment they enter the hotel, parents who use our transfer service and our private jets will have to do nothing but one thing: enjoy the trip with their children. Check-in procedures in a private terminal require very short waiting times (maximum 20 minutes).

3. BAGGAGE HANDLING: What a relief to know that you can take your golf clubs or your surfboard with you, without having to go through to complicated administrative procedures! And what a relief to know you can have access to luggage during your flight! You only need to inform Cielo AVIATION about your specific needs when booking a flight. You have to take your own car seats (private jets are not provided) and strollers, but the good news is that you can use them until you are at the gate!

4. PETS ON BOARD: We know what it’s like to be forced to leave pets at home, or how bad it is to force them to travel in the hold. Flying on our private jets does not only mean allowing your children to fly safely… it also means providing them with the opportunity to spend their holidays together with their four-legged friends.

5. A TAILOR-MADE TRIP: From the several TV shows you can choose to a tailor-made menu, from the reliable Wi-Fi network to the crew dedicated exclusively to your service. This is what actually completes the magic of a private jet trip together with your children.

Arrange a private jet flight in a very simple way

We want CIELO Aviation to be for you literally a way to fly away from every worry, so as to see life with new and fresh eyes, full of enthusiasm.

To enjoy our services, you only need to ask for a quote by sending an email to charter@cielo-aviation.com with:

1. Departure and arrival airports;

2. Dates and times if known;

3. Number of passengers;

4. Your own contact details.

We will respond quickly with a quote that includes several proposals.

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