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What are Empty Leg flights?

An Empty Leg is a private charter flight that flies without passengers on their way to reposition themselves from one airport to another.

  • This usually happens when the aircraft is returning to its home base after a one-way flight, or, when it flies empty to a new location to pick up passengers at the start of a new job
  • chartering an empty leg flight is an opportunity to save up to 75% on the price of your private jet compared to a normal tailor-made charter service
  • Empty Legs have both advantages and disadvantages. Let's examine the pros and cons of this choice:

What are the advantages of Empty Leg flights?

Reduced Costs

Empty legs flights offer highly discounted fares and occur when the aircraft is being positioned for the next flight. The closer the flight gets to repositioning, the greater the savings (usually confirmed on the same day). For example, an empty leg flight can be discounted up to 75% compared to a normal tailor-made charter flight

Comfort, Convenience & Privacy

Private jet travel offers unmatched comfort, convenience and privacy compared to commercial flights. With no queues at security checks or gates, travelers can arrive and depart on their own schedule and with the luxury of a private jet cabin for utmost privacy and equipped with the best technologies. Empty leg flights are also a great opportunity for people who travel short haul, as they allow you to get from one city to another in a much shorter time than airliners.


Given the current climate crises, an aircraft flying empty is not ideal for the environment. By booking an empty leg flight, you are booking a flight that would have taken place anyway and, hence, avoiding two planes flying when just one can do the job. Taking advantage of empty repositioning flights is useful to reduce our carbon footprints. So, if you are fortunate to book an empty leg that suits your needs at short notice, it is not just a great way to experience private jet travel at a much lower price but also a responsible source of travelling.

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Limitations of Empty Leg Jets

However, the service of reduced private jet cahrter costs does have a number of restrictions:

You have to be extremely flexible

While empty flights offer significant cost savings, they may not be suitable for all travel needs. For example, anyone who likes to plan ahead or has a tight schedule might not like the fact that empty legs are almost always released just a few days before departure.

And, they do not have schedule flexibility for departure times, which are already pre-established by the operator or customer of the chartered flight.

Empty Legs are also subject to change and full availability will never be guaranteed. Therefore, they are an excellent solution if your departure and arrival times are flexible, but we advise against using them for important trips that cannot be postponed. Especially if you have a large group or need very specific times, a tailor-made charter flight might be more suitable.

Non-customizable plane

The passenger cabins of private jets are usually configurable according to customers' needs. By booking an Empty leg jet you will keep the configuration chosen by previous travellers and they may not coincide with your wishes. Be sure to inquire about the specific type of aircraft and the services included in the flight.

Other disadvantages are low availability in peak season and no back-up in case of technical issues. Read our blog “ The truth about Private Jet Empty Leg Flights: Risks and Advantages

Risks and Advantages

Fly with a reliable private jet charter company

Booking an empty flight through a reliable private jet charter company, such as Cielo Aviation, can offer peace of mind and ensure that all necessary arrangements are made for a seamless travel experience.

To check availability on empty legs, contact us on +39 02 87 157 524 or by email at charter@cielo-aviation.com.

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