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27 July 2020


Fly on a private jet with your animals

Pet Travel, Flying with animals


When it’s time to go on holiday, to travel and relax… airline companies are still unable to provide a service built on this key factor:

Our four-legged friends are not side details to manage, indeed quite the opposite, they are essential!

For many of us, a holiday is not real if we have to leave our pets at home.Why should we find ourselves forced to choose between a holiday with or without our friends?
And there is still more: obviously we want to take them with us, but at the same time we absolutely do not want them to be treated (or worse, that they feel treated) as a baggage… Because they are not!

Private Jet Charter with your pets

Spending the entire flight in a hold or in a pet carrier under the seat, without ever going out and enjoying the journey next to us, is often experienced as a traumatic experience of abandonment by our four-legged friends.

Since they live any other kind of experience in a freer way, especially with the owner, they can hardly understand it.

We want them to be able to sit with us on the aircraft, as they sit with us in the car or on the sofa of our house. In this way, they can continue to feel an integral part of our life. Treating them differently just when we want to give us and them the most relaxing time of the year… that beats everything!

By hiring a Private Jet with Cielo Aviation, your pet will have an enjoyable flight next to you:

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A Private Flight will make your pet travel stress-free

Choosing to fly on a private jet is about priorities going far beyond mere luxury and comfort.

1. Give our four-legged friends the opportunity to enjoy the flight next to us, to eat with us, to share with us wonderful views, smiles, the excitement of the trip… it would not even be considered an added value, but necessary… And CIELO Aviation provides us this kind of experience in a spontaneous and natural way.

2. CIELO Aviation ensures full support in carrying out all the necessary procedures to board the animal.

3. Boarding procedures are very simple: you will only need to carry your friend’s passport and health card.

4. You will be able to consult with CIELO Aviation at every step, especially at an early stage, to understand which is the most suitable jet, according to your needs and those of your four-legged friend.

Arrange a Private Jet Flight with Cielo Aviation

We want CIELO Aviation to be for you literally a way to fly away from every worry, so as to see life with new and fresh eyes, full of enthusiasm.

To enjoy our services, you only need to ask for a quote by sending an email to charter@cielo-aviation.com with departure and arrival airports, dates and times if known, number of passengers and your own contact details. We will respond quickly with a quote including several proposals.

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