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Pet Flights

Those who love their pets often give up travelling by plane due to the traumatizing experience of needing to load their pets on hold on commercial flights. Cielo Aviation believes that pets are part of the family and we make every effort to ensure that their travel is as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

By chartering a private jet your pet can travel with you in the aircraft cabin, rather than in the baggage hold. To ensure a smooth journey please provide us with the following documentation:

  • A valid pet passport. For flights between EU member countries, a valid EU pet passport is sufficient
  • For flights between most non-EU countries or for entering the EU from a non-EU-country, such as Great Britain, you will need to provide an Animal Health Certificate (AHC), which must not be older than 10 days at departure. The AHC is valid for four months and can be used for travel within the EU. However, a new AHC is required for each new departure from a non-EU country into Europe
  • In addition to the pet travel documents, for flights outside EU-member countries, your pet is required to have a microchip, a vaccination against rabies and dogs are required to have a tapeworm treatment.

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